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Do I need dental sealants?


Do you worry about cavities? Or maybe you worry about your children getting cavities? It’s understandable. They’re like the unexpected flat tire of the dental world – frequently a surprise, and always an annoyance for the patient. But fortunately, the dental world has provided a great solution that’s quite simple  and painless for our dentists near Anaheim to apply to give your teeth an extra leg-up against decay and cavities.

That solution is dental sealants.

Dental sealants are a very thin – essentially invisible – piece of plastic coating that your dentist can paint onto the chewing surface of your teeth, giving your enamel a special shield that helps prevent tooth-decay while also smoothing out any crevices or grooves in your teeth.

Sealants are an incredible solution to help make sure you prevent the unexpected hassle and expense of cavities – especially for children, when they’re between the cavity-prone ages of 6 to 13 or 14. Sealants are frequently recommended for children when their permanent molars come in. This can be helpful because they tend to be the hardest teeth for children to brush.

But sealants aren’t just for kids. If you’re an adult who’s prone to decay – sealants could be a very effective solution. They’ll generally protect the teeth for many years – but they should be inspected by your dentist during regular appointments.

How well do they work?

The ADA reports that dental sealants have demonstrated an ability to reduce the risk of dental decay by up to 80% in molars and premolars. As the CDC reported in 2016, sealants can be especially important for children, because children without dental sealants often have a much greater likelihood of cavities (up to 3 times!)

Are you frequently worrying about cavities? Or are your children prone to cavities? Dental sealants are a great way to prevent them. Get in touch with our friendly dentists in Garden Grove to learn how we can help.

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