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Don’t Let Fear of Dental X-Rays Keep You From the Dentist


More often than not, when patients of our dental office near Anaheim are worried about going to the dentist, it’s either because they’re nervous about how much work they’ll need or they’re worried about how much it will cost.

But sometimes, patients are also wary of the dentist’s office because they’re not entirely sure how safe X-rays are. Are we getting dangerous levels of radiation? Today, we’re here to put your worries to rest.

We all get exposed to radiation from sources everywhere – ranging from the sun and appliances at home to minerals in the soil and the phones in our pockets. Too much radiation can damage the cells in your body, potentially causing cancer. But there’s good news – the dose of radiation you’re exposed to throughout the day and the dose of radiation you’re exposed to in the dental chair aren’t enough to pose a problem.

On top of this, numerous advances in the dentistry field have enabled dentists and the scientists behind the equipment we use to consistently lower radiation levels and make X-rays safer and safer.

These advancements range from the ability to significantly minimize where the x-ray is targeting, while also shortening the amount of time the x-ray needs to be used in order to get a picture — all effective methods to minimize how much radiation you get.

So why does the dentist or hygienist leave the room? 

Since the dental profession puts dentists and hygienists in contact with x-ray machines every day, we have to be a bit more careful about how often we’re exposed. Otherwise, the amount of radiation we see would be much higher than the average person. So when you’re the one alone in the dentist’s chair under a heavy, shielding garment – don’t be nervous! It’s never enough radiation to harm you.

On top of all of that – you’re also protected by federal law, which stipulates very strictly how often X-ray machines need to be inspected for safety and accuracy.

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