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How Mouthwash Can Be Bad for Your Teeth and Mouth


Yesterday, we blogged about mouthwash and how it can be a secret weapon for all sorts of tasks in your mouth like fighting cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. But is there such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to mouthwash – maybe.

While mouthwash is definitely good for your teeth and mouth (as we discussed), this isn’t always the case. Let our Anaheim area dentists explain….

There actually are some downsides to using mouthwash

Some mouthwashes have shown a link to oral cancer: This one is a bit dicey – because the studies are still relatively new. But there’s good news, the problematic mouthwashes are only the ones with alcohol in them. So just use a mouthwash without alcohol, there are plenty available.

It also kills beneficial bacteria: Think about it this way. There’s a war going on in your mouth and it’s being waged by bacteria. Some of it is good bacteria, however. But it’s still bacteria – and when you use a weapon of mass destruction like antiseptic mouthwash, there will be no survivors. Your mouth starts clean – for a little while at least. A Harvard study even said that these good bacterias could even be those that help prevent conditions like diabetes and obesity.

They can undermine your toothpaste: Sometimes, with certain products, there can be an interaction between what’s in the mouthwash and what’s in your toothpaste where they essentially just cancel each other out. This isn’t that problematic – just a bit of a waste, especially if you’re springing for the fancier toothpaste. Just wait a little bit before you rinse.

So when should you use mouthwash?

Firstly – if your dentist recommends it. Our dentists in Garden Grove recommend mouthwash to patients for a number of symptoms ranging from bad breath and gum disease to tooth decay and cavities.



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