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How Mouthwash Can Help Your Teeth and Mouth

If you’ve ever shopped in the pharmacy or even the pharmacy aisle at the grocery store, you’re at least somewhat familiar with mouthwash. But what does it really do for your teeth? And for that matter, what do other forms of rinsing do as well?

Today, our dentists in Garden Grove are here with the answers.

For many of our dental patients – their morning routine goes a little something like this: shower, brush, floss, rinse, DONE. For a lot of them, it just wouldn’t feel right to not start the day with that fresh wintergreen mint taste. Fortunately, there are a great many reasons to use mouthwash. Learn about a few of them below, and if you don’t use mouthwash – consider trying. It can give you a great leg up when it comes to your oral hygiene routine.

Good reasons to use mouthwash

Help fight gingivitis: mouthwash can help you fight back against bacteria and food debris that can get stuck in your teeth and gums. By rinsing, you take one additional step to help prevent inflammation and infection.

Help prevent cavities: fluoride rinses and mouthwashes that contain flouride help remineralize the enamel of your teeth – which actively helps prevent cavities (it’s actually the exact opposite of getting a cavity)

Get fresher breath:  Far too many adults live with bad-breath every day. Fortunately, mouthwash can kill many of the bacteria that lead to bad breath while also giving your mouth a nice smell.

Help relieve canker sores: The antiseptic qualities of mouthwash cut back on the bacteria around the sensitive tissue, which can significantly cut down on how much canker sores hurt. If you don’t have mouthwash handy, a warm saltwater rinse can work just as well (some even say better).

Have a question about your teeth? Our dentists near Anaheim have seen it all. To learn more or to get in touch about new patient specials – please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to help!

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