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Should You Brush Your Teeth at Work?


Would you feel weird brushing your teeth at work? First of all – you shouldn’t. If it’s smart to wash your hands, why would it be strange to wash your teeth? Even still, some of our dental patients in the Anaheim area ask our dentists in Garden Grove if it’s really necessary to brush your teeth at work.

The short answer, it definitely can’t hurt. Especially if you have a tendency for cavities.

Brushing at your work or in the office can be a very easy habit to create, and if you think about how bacteria and cavities work – you’ll know that it can easily give your mouth a leg-up in the constant battle going on in your mouth.

On top of this, brushing your teeth at work is also a good way to improve your breath. If you run on coffee and have to speak to customers, clients, and coworkers all day – a short break to give your teeth and tongue a quick freshening up goes a long way.

How to start the habit:

  • Store a toothbrush in your desk (store it in a covered travel container and make sure it’s dry)
  • Post a sticky note somewhere you’ll see it, all it needs to say is “Brush” – you’ll remember the rest.
  • Do you go for a walk, clean your desk, or tidy up your workspace at some point during the day? Add brushing to that routine!

One important tip: wait 30 minutes before brushing

It’s important to wait 30 minutes after a meal before you brush. Brushing right away can contribute to erosion and decay – especially if you’ve recently eaten acidic food, which essentially is getting brushed into your teeth.


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