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Are You Remembering These 4 Important Brushing Tips?


Our dentists near Anaheim tell patients all the time – “brush better!” Why? Because it really could save your teeth. If you already read our recent post “Are you brushing your teeth right?” you already have a head start. But if there’s one thing our dentists and hygienists believe:the more tools you have the better. If we provide one hundred dental tips for our patients and they only remember 5, 10, or even 20 – we’ve succeeded!

So without further ado, some more brushing tips that could help you save more on your dental bill while brushing your way to healthier teeth.

Make sure you’re brushing at a 45 Degree Angle

Dentists recommend a specific angle to brush your teeth at – 45 degrees – to help make sure that you get the intended result from brushing – including preventing gum disease and removing plaque.

Don’t forget the “inside” of your teeth

The side of your teeth facing the back of your mouth still get attacked by plaque and bacteria. Don’t forget to brush them. And don’t spend less time on them! better yet, if you find that you get lazy and stop brushing before thoroughly getting the back side of each tooth – START there instead so you don’t have the chance to forget.

While you’re at it – don’t forget to brush your tongue too. It also holds bacteria that can contribute not just to decay,  but to bad breath as well.


Don’t get rough

One tip that many patients need to hear is that they need to brush a little softer. Brushing too hard can lead to problems like receding gums and sensitive teeth. Gentler brushing gives your gums and teeth what they need without causing irritation (which can in turn make your teeth and gums too tender to properly brush)

Don’t forget your gums

Your gums are just as important as your teeth. And you wouldn’t have any teeth if you didn’t have any gums. With this in mind, angle the bristles of your toothbrush towards your gumline whenever you brush. Make sure you’re massaging your gums AND cleaning your teeth.





And finally: Think about what you’re doing. Take a little more time. And be thorough. Your teeth will think you.

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