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Is it true there are side effects to root canals?


If you’re in the position where you either have a tooth that’s severely damaged or already completely beyond saving – there’s a good chance that you might need a root canal.

A root canal is typically recommended when a patient has an infection that’s reached deep into the tooth (or even beyond). This can occur due to an injury or due to a bad cavity that never got treated.

You can learn more about root canal therapy, why you might need it, and how it’s actually completed in some of our previous blog posts. But today, we’re focusing on a specific question: can root canals cause any side effects?

Every week, our dentists in Garden Grove help patients from the Anaheim area and beyond with a wide variety of dental problems. Sometimes, this requires root canal treatment. What some patients often wonder is if root canals can lead to any side effects.

There are some complications that can come up when it comes to root canal treatment, which is part of what makes root canal treatment a tedious process that requires careful attention.

More than one root could be causing problems: if a root that’s become infected is missed, bacteria gets left behind which can lead to problems in the future.

Undetected cracks: Sometimes, a barely noticeable crack in the root of your tooth can become a safe haven for bacteria. Much like the above example where more than one root could be impacted, an undetected crack can cause the same type of damage.

Weakening of the tooth: Root canal treatment can slightly weaken the structure of the tooth. With this being said, it’s important to note that the tooth may not have 100% of its original strength and could post a higher risk for cracking or fracture in the future. For this reason, a dental crown is always recommended when getting root canal treatment. Some extra caution with what you eat doesn’t hurt either.

Do you have a problem tooth that’s been hurting? The quickest way to relief could be root canal treatment. If you’re a patient in the Anaheim area, our Garden Grove dentists can help, contact us today to learn about new patient specials. 

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