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Are You Brushing Your Teeth Right?


Brushing your teeth is the absolute cornerstone of a healthy mouth. Every time our Garden Grove dentists see a patient with clean, healthy teeth – we can always be sure that the patient at the very least brushing their teeth daily.

But even if you do brush your teeth every day, are you doing it the right way? Just in case, our dentists in Garden Grove have provided a quick refresher to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Brushing should take about 2 minutes

If you’re brushing right, it should take you about 2 minutes. Think about it – or even try running a timer on your phone, two minutes can actually feel like kind of a long time. A full 120 seconds. With this in mind, you may not be surprised that most adults definitely don’t brush for the recommended amount of time.

Try to get a feel for how long two minutes is by keeping a stopwatch near your sink.

Technique is key

Technique is really important when it comes to how you brush your teeth. You need to make sure you brush with the right pressure, in the right places – with extra attention paid to carefully cleaning your gumline and any hard to reach spots around molars and fillings.

Cleaning with the right pressure is important too. Otherwise, you could run into problems with sensitivity. This can often be solved by either using an electric toothbrush or by slowing it down a bit.

For the rest of your teeth – it’s pretty simple. And it helps to go in order:

Start with the outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth

Then, take care of the inner surfaces of your upper and lower teeth.

Move to all of your chewing surfaces

Finish by brushing your tongue for fresher breath.

Do you have questions about getting healthier, brighter, whiter teeth? Our dentists in Garden Grove are always here to help and currently accepting new patients in our dental office near Anaheim











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