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How Your Teeth Will be Fixed in the Future: Dental Innovations Right Around the Corner


The interesting thing about visiting the dentist is that we’re now in a day and age where you never know what new innovation will come up next.

Think about it this way, if you consider how drastically dental technology’s changed over the years, you wouldn’t be surprised by the fact that there are dental treatments around the corner that you might not even believe.  Think about it this way – treatments like braces and fillings have been used for thousands of years. Yet, dentists haven’t stopped making them better and better.

In under 100 year’s time, dental procedures have gotten faster, easier, less painful, and infinitely more successful.  Our Garden Grove Dentists are always interested in where the technology is going, because that‘s the way to offer the best available treatment.  So, what’coming around the corner in the dental world of dental technology?

3 Dental Innovations to Keep an Eye On

Stem Cells

Imagine being able to actually regenerate damaged teeth with stem cells? From fillings to implants – research into stem cells could someday completely rewrite the way your dentist approaches fixing one of your teeth. But don’t wait to get your teeth fixed – this one could take a while.


While stem cells might be able to grow your teeth back in the not-so-near future, implants continue to be revolutionized in their current form. No time in history have dental patients been able to get a dental implant that was virtually indistinguishable from a natural tooth. The better part is it’s only getting better as more and more dentists research how to make implants capable of restoring more teeth, with more success.

Preventative Care

Without preventative care, dental care would be much different. For this reason, dentistry is unique in that almost everything you need to get fixed with your teeth can be prevented with proper care. For example – consider fluoride. Fluoride has gone down in history books as one of the most successful public health decisions in recent history. Just like it – more research and more innovations are being made every year.

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