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Learn More About the Cornerstone of So Many Dental Restorations: The Filling


It could be one of the most common treatments that dental patients hear about and receive. At our dental practice in Garden Grove – the truth is no different. Every year our experienced dentists turn to fillings to help solve an incredibly wide variety of problems and protect teeth from damage and decay.

Fillings have become so common that checking a patient’s mouth for them has become a staple part of pretty much any routine dental exam. On top of this, fillings are often a patient’s first experience with dental treatment beyond a simple checkup or cleaning.

What many patients in our Anaheim area dental practice wonder is”: how did fillings come to exist? Where did they come from?

What you may not realize is that dentists have had quite a bit of time to hone their approach to fillings, because fillings have been around for quite a while. Researchers have even found fillings that were made out of beeswax that were dated to be at least 6,000 years old.  These particular fillings belonged to what scientists think was a man around the age of 20 or 30 in northern Italy.  A need for fillings in the pre-historic days could however mean more than just “biting down wrong on a tasty mammoth steak” because we also know that these people used their teeth for far more than eating. But that’s not even the oldest filling that’s been found, scientists have even found molars that have been dated to as old as 8 or 9,000 years old in rural Pakistan. So it goes without saying that fillings have been around for a long time, and the reason is simple: because people need them!

It wasn’t until the 1800’s that fillings became more advance and started used metals ranging from gold and silver to tin and other composites. At this point, the metal was softened and then placed into the tooth (which probably didn’t feel good.) Fortunately, these methods have been drastically modernized and combined with present-day anaesthesia.

Ever heard the word amalgamation? It means “The process of combining multiple things together,” which is precisely where the word “dental amalgam fillings” came from – because the fillings are an “amalgamation” of multiple materials.

Do you need a filling? If you have a cavity or dental injury – you may very well need to take a bite right out of history and join hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout known history who have benefited from the relatively simple science of the dental filling.

The best part is – today’s dental fillings are simple, painless, and inexpensive when compared to other more serious treatments.




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