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How to Get Your Children to Appreciate the Dentist

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it numerous times. Starting your child early with a good dental hygiene routine is the best possible way to ensure that they live with healthy teeth for the rest of their live.


Because good habits are lasting habits, and one of the best habits you can impart to your children is a positive oral hygiene habit. Because with it, they will go through their entire life with the notion that it’s important and healthy to actively and regularly brush their teeth. But what if your children don’t want to brush?

There are a few tips you can follow. But the most important tip: don’t give up. Teaching your children to brush and floss can truly save you thousands of dollars in dental costs. But if you’re struggling, our dentists in Garden Grove have a few simple tips to encourage your children to brush.


Start As Early As Possible

The sooner the better. And the sooner your child sees their family dentist, the sooner they get a chance to understand that we’re here to help and that a regular dental check-up doesn’t hurt at all.

Have Your Child Tag Along

If your child has a hard time at the dentist, giving them the opportunity to see you at the dentist can go a long way when it comes to convincing them that brushing, flossing, and all of your dentist’s suggestions are worthwhile.

Keep Your Fears to Yourself

The thing about “fear of the dentist” is that it can easily pass from you to your children. If you have anxiety about going to the dentist – do your best to keep it to yourself. Otherwise, it’s easy to pass these fears on to your child.

Have a question about getting your child to brush, floss, or take better care of their teeth? Our dentists in Garden Grove can help. 

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