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Did You Know Your Dentist Can Help Diagnose Diabetes?

Did you know that your dentist might be more apt to diagnose you with diabetes than your family doctor? That’s right. If you think you might be susceptible to diabetes or if diabetes runs in your family, don’t be surprised if your next visit to your dentist involves checking your blood glucose.


Well – while diabetes manifests in the form of high levels of sugar in your body as well as higher blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney malfunction – it’s not entirely uncommon for your dentist to notice gum disease as an early sign of diabetes.

If you already know you have diabetes, you have to be extra careful. Because periodontal diseases directly impact your gum and bone’s ability to hold your teeth in place.

While you’re dealing with the potentially inconvenient (and diet affecting) symptoms of diabetes, the last thing you want to worry about is your teeth. But because diabetes can impact the health of your teeth – you have to be extra careful to make sure that you are babying them and your gums as much as possible.

Why does diabetes impact gum disease? 

This is a topic our dentists in Garden Grove are very interested in. Unfortunately, there could be a number of factors at play.

Blood Vessels: One of the primary complications causes by diabetes is the thickening of your blood vessels. Because your blood vessels deliver vital nutrients to your gums while also helping to carry away waste – thicker blood vessels tend to slow these vessels down.  This can lead to a slower flow of nutrients combined with a slower expulsion of harmful bacterias.

Bacteria: Bacteri is always something you should be aware of  in your mouth. Unfortunately, when your diabetes if poorly controlled – high levels of glucose in your mouth can provide bacteria a perfect breeding ground to do their dirty work.

Have more questions? We have answers! 

Are you a diabetic experiencing problems with your teeth? Our Orange County dentists can help. Contact us today to learn about new patient specials, 24 hour emergency dentistry, and more.

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