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An Automatic Toothbrush? Welcome to 2017 – But Should You Use It? Our Dentists in Garden Grove Weigh In

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Have you heard of this new automated toothbrush yet?

That’s right – as so helpfully explains – it’s an all-new toothbrush that does all the work for you.

The concept behind the contraption is pretty simple (and quite ingenious) – just think of one of those automated vacuum cleaners that dutifully cleans up every corner of your home without you even lifting a finger.

However, when it comes to an automated robot cleaning up your carpets and floors – the concept is just a little bit different. Because if you miss a spot of dirt or debris here or there on your floors, it won’t get any bigger or more dangerous for your home. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for your teeth. When bacteria and decay aren’t properly handled – they spread and get worse. That’s something you don’t want happening.

What the company behind this “automatic” toothbrush claims is that you can save up to 22 hours a year by tossing aside your “analog” toothbrush and adopting this new, high-tech toothbrush of the future.

But you should remember – our dentists in Garden Grove (and probably dentists around the world) are taking this with a grain of salt. Unlike an invention that would eliminate cavities forever or prevent sugar from contributing to dental decay – a toothbrush that does the work for you might not help you as much as you think. How do you know what spots it’s missing? How thorough is it? Do you trust it to do as good a job as you can do yourself? And finally – are you really not going to waste those 22 yearly hours on something else?

Here’s a word to the wise – when it comes to brushing your teeth don’t jump on the latest technology until it’s absolutely proven. And never buy a dental product that hasn’t been tested and approved by the ADA.

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