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Dental Dangers You Might Not Know About

Every day, our dentists in Garden Grove encounter patients living their lives, day in and day out with an incredibly diverse range of experiences, lifestyles, and habits.

While the common threats to your teeth like poor hygiene and excessive sugar intake are fairly obvious (and beaten into the ground) – there are quite a few dental dangers that you might not be aware of.

The first of these, is Lemonade.

Otherwise a delicious, cirtus beverage enjoyed by people (in various forms) around the world – lemonade does have a bit of a dark side. That is, it can sometimes be the culprit behind serious dental damage – especially if you enjoy it frequently.

Compared to other, safer beverages – there is a lot of acid content in lemonade. If left unchecked this acid can lead to the gradual erosion of your dental enamel, which protects your teeth from invading bacteria and decay. In some cases (depending on how much lemonade you enjoy) it might not even be gradual at all – especially if you’re not good about brushing.

Our tip: Don’t stop enjoying lemonade. But do be careful. If you drink lemonade – the best idea is to drink it through a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.


Birth Control Pills

Many, many, many women around the world are prescribed birth control pills  to both prevent pregnancy and to assist with hormone balance. But if your dentist asks you about birth control – don’t think it’s a strange question. Did you know that many forms of birth control can contribute to an increase in bacteria in your mouth? Naturally, this can lead lead to more decay and cavities. So women on birth control should be especially dutiful about brushing – or, if you’re experiencing problems with decay or cavities, consider talking to your family doctor about additional contraception options.

Extended Time in the Pool

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or you just love to be outside in the pool (note: this is just pools, not the ocean), you should keep an eye on your teeth. Despite the fact that swimming is incredible for your body – the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can contribute to erosion and the development of stains on your teeth. To minimize this, opt for fresh whatever whenever possible – and always try to at least rinse your mouth out after swimming.

Are your teeth not looking like you want them? One of the above factors could be the case. To be sure, trust the expertise of our dedicated cosmetic dentists and family dentists in Garden Grove, California. For more information or to inquire about new patient specials, reach out today.


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