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3 Types of Dental Pain and How You Should Approach Them


Yesterday, we started to scratch the surface about your teeth and the types of dental pain that you might experience throughout your life. We covered sensitivity, dull aching pain (the most common kind), and sudden stabbing pain that can often provide a signal that you could have a cracked tooth or a dental abscess – all issues that require immediate attention.

Today, we’re discussing some additional varieties of dental pain. Especially those that patients in our Garden Grove dental practice often report occurring suddenly and without warning.

Extreme pain that throbs

If you’re having pain that seems extremely painful, and hard to bear – it could be a good sign that you need to call the number for the nearest emergency dentist. If you live in Garden Grove, California, our emergency dentist can help. If you’re also experiencing swelling in your face – it could be a sign that a cavity or crack has lead to an abscess or infection. If the tooth is too damaged, you could need a root canal procedure in order to save the tooth.  If left untreated, this can lead to more serious health problems throughout your body.

Pain at the Back of Your Jaw

Pain in your jaw tends to be a pretty specific pain – especially if you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed. Pain at the back portion of your jaw (on either side), can often signal that you have an impacted wisdom tooth. Unfortunately, if you don’t get a wisdom tooth treated – it will lead to more pain and discomfort until you do.

Pain When You Eat

If you ever experience a toothache when you’re eating food (of any kind) it could be a good indicator that you’re experiencing either a dental fracture or a cavity. While this doesn’t require a call to your emergency dentist, it does require a call. Tell your dentist what’s going on, and there’s a good chance they’ll find a spot for you in the schedule. In the meantime – take some over-the-counter pain medication, and carefully eat softer foods.

If you’re a patient from Garden Grove experiencing a toothache, don’t delay! The sooner you treat the root cause of a toothache, the better. 


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