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What You Should Be Telling Your Dentist


Our dental practice in Garden Grove serves patients of all ages and backgrounds. And like every doctor-patient relationship, each one begins with questions. Answer them correctly, and you set yourself on a path to great dental health and a bright, healthy smile for a lifetime.  But how do you answer these questions “correctly”?

Well, it’s kind of a trick question. You don’t answer them correctly. You just answer them honestly.

So, what should you be telling your dentist?

Start with your worries

The first thing you should be sure to talk to your dentist about is your fear. Don’t be afraid of the dentist. From the treatments he or she might suggest, to what they could cost. The first thing you should understand is that the sooner you speak to your dentist about your concerns, the sooner you get an answer. And when it comes to dental treatments – sooner is always better. Otherwise – small problems have the opportunity to turn into bigger (and more expensive) problems.

Or maybe you’re concerned about the dentist’s office for a different reason. You might be concerned about the pain or discomfort you think will arise from the treatments that you need. Rest assured – modern dentistry has come a long way. Chances are, your fears are unfounded.

Tell Your Dentist about Your Health, In General

While your dentist is largely concerned with your dental health. Your overall health is incredibly important as well – and it can have a major impact on your dental health as well.  For example, if you’ve been diagnosed with any health problem or disease – it could have consequences for your teeth, gums, and mouth. On top of this, any of the medications that you may be taking can undermine your teeth. For these reasons, it’s important to be open with your dentist about the same things you’re open with your family doctor about.

And of course, tell your dentist about your dental health

Naturally, your dentist can’t know everything. Despite the fact that every one of your dental visits will involve a thorough exam, we can’t always see everything. So sometimes, we rely on you to guide us. Just because we don’t find a cavity – doesn’t mean you don’t have one. So, if you’re experiencing pain or sensitivity here or there, and we don’t mention the presence of a cavity – you shouldn’t jump for joy and assume you dodged a bullet. Otherwise, it could come back to haunt you when that very small problem your dentist didn’t catch becomes a bigger problem — all because you didn’t report a minor issue, like sensitivity, pain, or an abnormality in your mouth.

Think about your relationship with your dentist as a partnership. The more we communicate – the better we both do the job of keeping your teeth healthy for life. 

Have questions? Our dentists in Garden Grove are here to help. Get in touch today to learn how we can help. 


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