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Are you Expecting? Our Dentists in Garden Grove Remind You: Your Baby’s Teeth are Growing RIGHT NOW

Our dentists in Garden Grove run into quite a few questions from patients, experiencing a wide variety of symptoms and concerns ranging from periodontitis and tooth decay to cavities and all sorts of questions about infant teeth.

With that in mind, over the next few posts we will be discussing some interesting facts about dentistry, and how they can influence the approach you take to your dental health and oral hygiene. We start with the very beginning: baby teeth.

“Expecting? Your baby’s teeth are growing right now.”

Sometimes, your child’s first teeth have been known as “milk teeth”. What some new parents don’t realize is that these teeth begin forming when your baby is still in the womb. However, these teeth don’t actually even show up until your child is around six months old.

This is important for a couple reasons, and a prime reason why it’s important to find a family dentist early in your child’s life. Our dental office in Garden Grove frequently sees parents who should have brought their children in sooner. Because even if you can’t see your baby’s teeth, it doesn’t mean they’re not there – and if you’re not effectively cleaning the gums and mouth, decay can begin establishing a foothold before you even realize it.

While most parents now understand that it can be very damaging to fill a baby’s bottle with juice and other sugary drinks, one trick you might not know is that keeping your own mouth clean can impact how cavities do or don’t form in your child’s mouth. 

By practicing great oral hygiene and getting professional dental care, you reduce the chance of transmitting bad bacteria and germs that can potentially contribute and decay to your children.

Looking for more tips? Take a look at some of our other blog posts — or contact our dentists in Garden Grove to learn more.

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