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The Reason You Have Bad Breath in the Morning

Have you ever been watching a movie – maybe a romantic comedy, where the couple wakes up with a passionate kiss, and all you can think is – “Who the hell wouldn’t brush their teeth first?”

We’ve all been there. Morning breath is a thing, and there’s a relatively simple reason why it happens. When you’re sleeping, your mouth tends to dry out. The whole purpose of saliva in your mouth is to help break down food and keep your teeth clean. Part of the entire reason you need to brush your teeth regularly is because of bacteria that can take hold while you’re sleeping.

Unfortunately, when the flow of saliva decreases at night (especially if you breathe out of your mouth, or snore at night) it can also lead to that distinct foul breath in the morning. On top of that, it means that bacteria is having a much better chance to grow and thrive in your mouth – which means you should probably take some sort of action to prevent any further oral health problems.

How to Fight Bad Breath (and Bacteria)

Our dentists in Anaheim agree – good oral health, including regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing is the best way to fight off bad breath. However, what many patients might not realize is that bad breath often comes from the tongue, which can become a haven for bacteria. So when you brush your teeth, do be sure to brush your tongue too.


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