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Surprising Ways to Help Your Teeth Fight back

Our bodies are strange and complicated things. They react in many interesting ways to how we help them and what we put them through. Your teeth aren’t a whole lot different. Just like there are plenty of ways to try and help out your overall health, there are just as many methods to improve your teeth – some of them tried and true, some of them mumbo jumbo, and some of them simply waiting to be verified by the American Dental Association (it’s always good to look to them when it comes to these judgements)

But it’s not just brushing, flossing, and properly supporting your teeth with fluoride that will ensure your teeth are healthy for years to come.

In order to prevent problems with your teeth, it’s essential that you understand how they’re attacked. Cavities and gum disease all have microscopic colonies of bacteria to thank. To keep both decay and gum disease at bay you need to do everything you can to brush, wash, and rinse this bacteria away. If this doesn’t happen, the bacteria eventually breaks down into starches and sugars – which ultimately produce acids that eat away at enamel and contribute to the decay.

So, what else can you do to prevent problems with your teeth? Our Anaheim dentists have some hints.

Cheese and Tea

Calcium helps both your teeth and your jaw stay strong and healthy. You can find it in many dairy products, including cheese. Along with tea – which happens to be a great source of natural fluoride. Fluoride prevents tooth decay by giving your enamel an extra shield against the damage of acid and bacteria.

Together, responsibly consuming both helps give your teeth an additional boost against damage and decay over time.

Avoid Drinking Acid at All Costs

It may sound silly. But you may be drinking far more acid than you thought you were.

Acid – it’s something we cover a lot. Because whenever our dentists or dental hygienists in the Anaheim area see cavities and other problems – it often started with acid damage. But what can you do to avoid it? Don’t drink acid! Or, at the very least -try to avoid it. This includes drinks like sodas, lemonade, and even water with lemon juice in it. If there’s extra acid added – you aren’t doing your teeth any favors. At the very least, use a straw – or try to remember to drink some water shortly after.

Chew Some Gum

As long as you make it sugar-free, chewing gum can be one of the best things you do for your teeth. While you might consider it candy – sugar-free gum can actually be a very powerful tool when it comes to clearing your teeth of sugars, bacteria, and debris.

Hoping for a quick way to give your dental hygiene a boost between meals? Chew some gum. It’s a great option.

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