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A Simple Dental Tip You Might be Surprised By


If you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time you understand that there’s a constant battle being waged inside of your mouth. It may sound dramatic at first, but it’s entirely true! Like most living things, the sole motivation for bacteria in-life (whether it knows it or not) is to stay alive, thrive, and multiply. Unfortunately, the way that happens for bacteria in your mouth is for it to slowly work its way into your teeth where it can really settle in.

To do that, bacteria relies on debris, acids, and other junk that get left behind in your mouth by a number of sources. In large part, brushing, flossing and rinsing play a major role when it comes to reducing these decay causing stowaways in your mouth.

But you can always do better.

If you’re one of those people with a flawless dental hygiene routine. You have to wonder, what could you be missing? You brush your teeth after meals – but not so soon that it furthers damage from acid. You floss, rinse, and brush daily. You get your bi-annual dental checkups. To all our dentists in Garden Grove, your routine is pretty much perfect.

But where’s your secret weapon? Could it be chewing gum?

“Wait a second.” You may be wondering. “Chewing gum? Candy?! How is that good for my teeth?” 

Of course, it may be surprising but it shouldn’t be a secret that many chewing gums are sugar-free. Combined with the stickiness of gum, this makes gum the perfect vehicle to clear your teeth of stubborn debris that can contribute to decay and cavities.

Can chewing gum replace your toothbrush and floss? Definitely not. But by helping those classic tools do the job while also helping you keep your breath fresh there’s no reason a pack of sugar-free gum shouldn’t be within reach at all time – the perfect tool for healthier teeth in-between brushings.

Could your teeth use a helping hand? Our dentists in the Anaheim area have all the tips and tools to help.

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