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Can Flushing the Toilet Contaminate My Toothbrush?

When it comes to your teeth and your mouth, there’s actually quite a few factors that can ultimately decide on whether or not you have a good dental checkup.  Fortunately, it’s not too hard to adopt a good oral hygiene routine. But with so much going on in your mouth, it’s not exactly surprising that some interesting myths can develop about your mouth and your teeth.

Today, our dentists from around Anaheim, California want to clear up one particular myth that people like to share online. Usually, it starts something like this: “Did you know, Flushing Your Toilet Infects Your Toothbrush with Feces”

Since it pertains to your toothbrush, this is myth our dentists in Garden Grove have heard a number of times. It goes kind of like this: when you flush your toilet, it launches fecal germs out of the toilet and – if your toothbrush is nearby, it just so happens to get caught in the crossfire.

However, this myth is based on one serious misconception: that your toilet is dirty to begin with. There’s a good chance that your toothbrush is actually already dirtier than your toilet.  Many of studies have shown that your toilet happens to be one of the least germ-ridden places in your house. On the other hand, since your toothbrush’s job is to scrape away bacteria – it usually end sup covered in it. Fortunately, your immune system can handle the bacteria.

With all of this in mind though, you might still be wondering – “do I need to keep my toothbrush away from the toilet, or the bathroom, altogether?” No. Keeping your toothbrush away from your toilet isn’t a good way to keep it clean. The best way to keep it clean is to ensure that it stays dry. 

That’s right – safe toothbrush is a dry toothbrush. Bacteria relies on moisture to survive. Without it, it will have a much harder time. To make sure your toothbrush stays clenaer, Our Garden Grove dentists simply recommend making sure you store your toothbrush with plenty of airflow so it can dry out.


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