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How Your Teeth Prematurely Age, and What You Can Do

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Just like every other part of your body, things tend to change as you age. Sometimes, your joints start to go. Other times, you start to notice that it’s getting tougher and tougher to both see and hear things. But what about your teeth? To provide some of the answers, our family dental experts are going to weigh in.

Wear and Tear is often one of the first signs of aging for your teeth. With all the grinding, biting, and chewing that they do – the hard shell on your teeth (enamel) can eventually wear away as your teeth get used, and over time – your teeth can also begin to flatten in parts.

Gum Health is another concern you should remain aware of as your teeth get older. Every day, your teeth and gums are constantly attacked by bacteria and plaque. When it doesn’t get removed, it can influence inflammation, bleeding, and swelling around your gums. Over time, this can lead to your gums eventually pulling away from your teeth – which can form pockets that can collect more bacteria that ultimately accelerates damage.

But that’s not all, general wear and tear – along with overbrushing can also lead to gum recession, which is something our dentists near Anaheim see frequently. When it’s minor, you might only notice some sensitivity here and there, but more severe recession is where the term “long in the tooth” came about – meaning that your teeth appear longer due to receded gums.

As you age, it’s also important to watch out for dry mouth. The importance of saliva is one thing our dentists frequently remind patients of all ages about. As you get older, your mouth will eventually produce less saliva – this can increase the rate at which decay forms in your mouth. In addition to age, this can also be caused by a number of medications. To combat this – be sure to always drink plenty of water, and try to have some sugar-free gum on hand to stimulate saliva production.

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