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How Your Diet Could Be Affecting Your Teeth


Every time a new year rolls around, people across the country (and likely, around the world) try to change their habits – or adopt new ones, all with the end goal of hopefully losing a few pounds or more.

In fact, according to NBC News, New Years’ resolutions related to getting healthier dominated yet again, with over 62 million searches (a 13% increase over 2016) and a clear front-runner for most popular New Years Resolution, yet again.

But more often than not, people tend to forget about their teeth. The truth is, changing your diet can potentially change your teeth as well. Our dentists near Anaheim recommend: If you’re dieting as part of a New Years resolution, or for any reason at all, do remember to stay on top of your teeth just as well as you’re staying on top of your diet.

Dental Side Effects From Ketogenic / Paleo Diets

When it comes to paleo diets that are very low carb, it’s not uncommon for your breath to begin to smell pretty bad. This is often one of the most sure-fire signs of ketosis, which is what happens when your body begins to burn its fat stores for fuel instead of carbs. To avoid this, you can simply a) brush your teeth more b) drink more water or c) eat more, natural breath fresheners or chew gum. However, it can also help to actually eat a carb or two – because too much ketosis can lead to some pretty dangerous side effects.

Juice Diets / Fruit Detox Dental Side Effects

Generally, juice and fruit detoxes  tend to introduce a higher amount of sugars and acids into your mouth. This can lead to accelerated damage to your teeth, as the sugars and acids work away at your enamel and contribute to the formation of cavities.

While a short juice cleanse might seem tempting due to the “promise” of a quick couple pounds to be shed – they are not entirely harmless and should only be considered with both the knowledge of your doctor – and a careful eye on your teeth.

How Low Fat Diets Impact Teeth

When it comes to your diet having an impact on your teeth – low fat diets are no easier than other popular diets. There are still some side effects you should be aware of to ensure your body gets what it needs, everwhere it needs it.

A low-fat diet can sometimes inhibit your body’s absorption of vitamins that are fat-soluble, such as vitamins A, E, D, and K. Vitamin D, in particular, is a big one because your body takes it from the sun and converts it to help your body absorb and use calcium. When this doesn’t happen, bones don’t get the support they need and begin to break down – which can include the loss of your teeth.

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