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Daily Hacks for a Healthier Smile

Whether you’re starting the new year with the resolution to “be better” about taking care of your teeth or you’re simply always on the hunt for new ways to lower your dental bill and prevent cavities – do we have some tips for you.

Every year our dentists around Anaheim and Garden Grove try to pull together novel ways to care for your teeth that you might not have thought of yet. Today, we’re coming at you with 3 quick tips to keep your pearly whites out of the emergency dentist’s chair.

Take your vitamins

Need we mention it again? By taking vitamin D you actively help prevent cavities. The best part? All you have to do is get outside and move around for a bit, and voila – one extra bit of defense for your teeth.

Chew Gum

Is gum candy or not? We’ re not quite sure – but as long as it’s sugar free it’s a great way to get stubborn bits of food out of cracks while simulating saliva flow – which helps keeps your teeth free and clear of bacteria and debris.

Pack a Carrot, Or Piece of Celery

We know, it’s not as exciting as a candy bar. But if you can forego the candy bar for a bag of chips (we won’t tell your primary care doctor), and balance it out with a crunchy vegetable – you will be providing a lot of abrasive action for your teeth.

Of course, the more important part of the equation here is the healthy vegetable, but who are we to deny you a little fun? Crunchy foods just tend to be a bit easier on your teeth by not allowing sticky sugar to cling to your teeth for extended periods of time.

Concerned about your teeth? 

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