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5 Dead Simple Dental Tips

Even if you’ve always had incredibly healthy teeth and completely uneventful dental checkups, there’s one important thing to remember: there’s probably a way you could make your dental hygiene routine even better. Our dentists work with patients from the Orange County and Anaheim area so frequently, we can almost always find some way to improve.

When it comes to bacteria fighting it’s constant battle against your teeth, one thing can be for certain – it’s great at finding the path of least resistance. Crack in a molar? You can bet bacteria will work its way in to cause trouble. Enamel thin in a certain spot, causing sensitivity? It could be your enamel telling you that its line of defense needs attention.

With all of that said, being as comprehensive as possible (without going crazy) can help make sure you always have great dental checkups. One way to easily improve the effectiveness of your oral hygiene routine might not be something you ever considered….

Vitamin D.

That’s right, check your vitamin D levels. Studies have even shown that, more often than not, patients with high instances of decay and cavities tend to have lower vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D is an important compound that comes primarily from the sun;s light. This helps our bodies absorb calcium  which supports our teeth. Fortunately, in Orange County this is one thing we don’t have to worry about too much. But even in a sunny state like ours – if you work indoors, you could still be vitamin D deficient. If you’re not sure, you can always get a blood test at your doctor’s office (usually covered by insurance).

In addition to being shown to reduce the risk of cavities, studies have even suggested that a pregnant mother who takes vitamin D supplements, can – to some degree – play a role in reducing the likelihood that her children will get dental cavities.





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