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“My Teeth are Suddenly Loose or Crooked, What’s Happening?”

For many people, even the slightest hint that a tooth is loose or out of place can cause a serious panic.

This isn’t unsurprising, and as dentists in the Orange County area, we completely understand how worried some patients can get when it comes to their appearance. After all – just think about it, it’s challenging to make eye contact when you talk to a friend or colleague. A lot of time, so as not to seem like you’re staring into their soul, you’ll look at their mouth or their teeth as they talk. It’s just a part of the way we communicate. So what happens if you start to notice that a tooth is loose or crooked?

If your tooth (or teeth) feel loose, have become crooked, or are starting to fall out all together – let us put it this way: there’s a good chance you don’t need one of our emergency dentists in Anaheim to tell you that something is wrong.  More often than not this is a sure-fire sign of advanced periodontal disease – meaning that your teeth simply don’t have a strong enough foundation to stay in your mouth. It also causes significant bone-loss around your jaw and teeth – further weakening the entire support system that your teeth rely on to stay in place.

 How does this happen? 

Generally, if you have periodontal problems bad enough to result in your teeth falling out – you’ve probably been neglecting your teeth for quite some time. If you haven’t been brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and eating right – this is likely the cause.

 On the other hand, if you’ve been great about your oral hygiene but you’re still having problems with loose, crooked, or teeth that are falling out – you should be even more concerned with calling a nearby emergency dentist. If you’re not a smoker or tobacco user, problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain medications can lead to a weakened support system for your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss. However, when it comes to medications, this is generally limited to more serious treatments like, cancer therapy, steroids, epilepsy medication, and calcium channel blockers.

Are you experiencing tooth loss?

Our dentists have helped patients bounce back from tooth loss and teeth that have become loosened for a variety of reasons. If you’re concerned about your smile, our emergency dentists can help. Even more so – if you have a tooth that’s recently fallen out, it’s important to seek immediate care to prevent further damage.

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