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What a Discolored Tooth Means


It can sometimes be jarring to discover that one or more of your teeth is suddenly becoming discolored.

When it comes to your teeth, discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons. For the most part, if you’re noticing discoloration on one or more teeth – it’s happening either due to internal or external influences.   

Fortunately, when it comes to getting rid of discoloration – extrinsic staining is often the easiest to solve because it’s being caused by either what you’re eating or a lifestyle choice – like smoking or chewing tobacco. Generally, coffee and wine can also cause staining on your teeth.

Intrinsic staining is just a little bit different. Intrinsic staining occurs when something inside the tooth is giving the tooth a darker tinge. Unlike external staining, this can happen for many more reasons than just what you eat, smoke, or chew.

Intrinsic Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Too much fluoride: For some patients, too much fluoride exposure during childhood can lead to discoloration later in life.

The tooth has been somehow damaged: if you fell or sharply impacted a tooth when you were a child, it could potentially affect the development of that tooth – contributing to discoloration. In the same way, trauma in a permanent tooth can also cause internal bleeding that can additionally darken the tooth from its natural color.

Certain antibiotics are causing discoloration: If your mother was a patient who was prescribed tetracycline antibotics, or if you used them at a young age – it could potentially contribute to accelerated discoloration.

It’s genetic: For some rare patients, an uncommon condition known as dentinogenesis imperfecta causes your teeth to take on pronounced discoloration.

There IS a Solution

Fortunately for patients with discolored teeth, our dentists in Orange County have helped countless patients get the white teeth they’ve always wanted. Whether it takes repairing a tooth with procedures ranging from root canal treatment to dental implants – or a simple in-office whitening session, our dentists in Garden Grove are experts when it comes to white teeth.

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