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Getting Used to Your Dentures: Why It Takes Some Time

“I’m having a hard time getting used to lower and upper partials. Not only do they tire my mouth out, they feel heavy and uncomfortable. What can I do to try and get used to them?”


It’s no secret, that it takes some time to get used to dentures, no matter how extensive your need for tooth replacement. Our denture dentists in Orange County have seen countless patients work their way through the process. Many times, we’ve been reminded that it’s not always easy. But that’s not to say it isn’t entirely manageable.

The goal of your dentures is to replace not just your teeth, but your gums as well. In order to be stable, your dentures must also cover the roof of your mouth (including all of the ridge). Add in your actual replacement teeth, and it’s true that wearing dentures can make it feel like you have quite a bit of extra material in your mouth.

With all of this in mind, it can definitely take some time for you to get used to dentures, and this is especially true if you also had teeth extracted around the same time you had your denture placed.

More often than not, time is all it comes down to. But time is also your best friend. Because the more time you spend wearing your dentures, the quicker you’ll get used to them.t know this: not wearing your dentures will never help! Really try to wear them for a few hours a day.

I can’t talk right with my dentures, is there anything I can do?

If you’re having a hard time speaking with your dentures and they’re new, there’s a good chance you still need some time adjusting to them. Just like above, it all comes down to time. However, there are ways to speed the adjustment period up a little bit. For example, take the time to read with them out loud. While it might temporarily inconvenience a spouse or loved one, just tell them that they benefit in two ways: they get a story read to them, free of charge and they get to hear you speak the way you used to speak sooner.

Have questions about dentures? For patients in Orange County, our denture experts offer the highest level of care for affordable dentures that deliver comfort and confidence. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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