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Tips for Handling a Dental Emergency

Dental injuries happen for a countless number of reasons, from fights and schoolyard scuffles to carelessness and sports injuries. A dental emergency is no fun. However, if handled correctly you’ll be back to living a normal, pain-free life in no time.

Whether you just like to be prepared or you’re experiencing a dental emergency right now, follow these simple tips The key to healing properly and minimizing damage is getting the treatment you need quickly, before damage gets worse and harder to treat.

(If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Orange County right now – our emergency dentists are ready to help!)

For Knocked out Teeth: Act Fast

If you’ve completely dislodged a tooth and it’s fallen out of its socket, you need to make sure the injury gets handled as quickly as possible.  The faster this injury gets taken care of, the better the chance your tooth can be saved. If you’ve knocked your tooth out, your first step should be to see if you can gently put it back in place. If you can’t, soak it in a cup of salt water or milk before contacting our emergency line.

If You’ve Broken a Tooth, Cold Therapy Helps

For a tooth that hasn’t been knocked out completely, but broken or chipped – your first step after collecting every possible piece of the tooth is to rinse out your mouth and stop the bleeding. There’s a good chance you’re also feeling some significant pain. To help with this, try a cold compress in the area of the injury and take an over-the-counter pain medication.

Don’t Use Sharp Implements to Retrieve Stuck Objects

Far too often, our emergency dentists in Orange County discover damage and chips to teeth from patients using sharp/hard objects like hair pins and needles to dislodge something that got stuck in their teeth. While it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with a stuck piece of food, wait until you have the proper implement to deal with the problem. Removing an object with the wrong tool can lead to damage, infection, and bleeding.

Have a question about emergency dental care? 

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact our emergency dentists right now. The key to successful treatment is early treatment, even if you’re not sure if you need to be seen – our emergency team is always ready to help.


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