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Your Guide to Dental Abscesses and Root Canal Treatment

When it comes to problems with your teeth and the treatments that arise as the best possible solution, dental abscesses and root canal treatment top the list.

A dental abscess or an abscessed tooth is an infection that happens between your actual tooth and your gum. More specifically, it happens at the root of your tooth when bacteria somehow finds its way inside your tooth.

When this happens, the bacteria begins feasting on the soft, fleshy inside of your tooth – the dental pulp. While one of the most common causes of this is plain old tooth decay caused by lack of proper dental care, it can also happen due to the introduction of bacteria from some sort of dental trauma – like a crack, chip, or break. On top of this, the bacteria that leads to an abscess can also stem from a serious case of gum disease that’s been left untreated – which also involves an excess of bacteria in your mouth.

How to Know Your Tooth is Abscessed

The most common symptom of an abscessed tooth is a severe toothache, with pain that generally doesn’t get any better or go away. Many times, it will seem to be throbbing, while other times it can also be a sharp shooting pain that occurs when you put pressure on the tooth while eating. Additional symptoms range from prolonged sensitivity (after the stimulus has been removed) and swelling to bad breath, fever, and a feeling of general illness.

Common symptoms of a dental abscess:

  • Fever
  • Bad breath
  • Swelling in your gums, jaw, or neck glands
  • An open sore on your gums that seems to be draining
  • A bitter taste in your mouth
  • Fever
  • Pain when you chew

Sometimes however, the pain might even go away. In fact, if the infection causes the dental pulp to die completely – you might begin to feel a little relief. However, this is actually a bad sign. It means the infection has consumed all of the tissue in your tooth, including the nerves, and it will soon continue to spread into the other surrounding tissues in order to fuel its growth. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to seek treatment – which will almost always involve a root canal.

Here at our practice in Garden Grove, our root canal doctor has successfully treated a wide variety of abscessed teeth, and in many cases you might be surprised by how effective root canal treatment is at saving a tooth that has been previously attacked by infection and bacteria.

Are you suffering from a tooth ache or have you recently noticed a toothache has dulled and seemed to get better over time? Don’t ignore it. Just like an infection in a cut on your arm or leg, the infection in a dental abscess is dangerous for your whole body. Get it taken care of ASAP. Fortunately, if you’re a patient in the Garden Grove area – we can help!

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