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Simple Tips for A Better Life With Dentures

Whenever any patient requires dentures, we always understand the fact that adjusting to life with a pair of dentures can be a big change for anybody. For that reason, our goal is to make the process as simple as possible.

However, while every ounce of diligence is spent to properly extract the teeth being replaced, design your future smile, and fit your dentures so they’re secure and functional – it can be all for nothing if proper home-care isn’t utilized to maintain your dentures and your oral health.

Following 6 simple guidelines can help you maintain your dentures so they remain attractive and functional

Protect Them

Protecting your dentures is the very first step in ensuring they serve you for years to come. First, it’s important to remember that your dentures are fragile when it comes to drops and sharp impacts. They can break very easily. With this in mind, it’s important to fill the sink or put a towel down to break their fall gently should they slip.

Remove and Rinse

This one’s easy: a major step of keeping your dentures healthy (while also serving to help improve your breath) is simply rinsing them carefully. Rinsing your dentures helps remove bacteria, while also eliminating stuck and stubborn food particles. Warm water will do! No need to make it scorching.

Don’t forget to Brush

Many patients mistakenly think that new dentures mean a new and permanent break from brushing. This couldn’t be further from the tooth. Just like your natural teeth, plaque and bacteria can still form on your dentures. Because of this, it’s very important to clean them every day by rinsing them, brushing them, and soaking them (more on that in step 4).

Using a moist toothbrush with soft bristles, simply remove your dentures and carefully clean every surface. Fortunately, with the ability to remove your dentures, they are much easier to clean than your natural teeth were. While you’re brushing, in order to ensure a proper fit next time you wear your dentures, be sure to brush away any excess denture adhesive (if you use adhesive) where the grooves fit against your gums.

Soak Them Well

One of the most important care instructions for any set of dentures it to keep them moist. You do not want your dentures to dry out. In order to prevent this, soak them whenever you’re not wearing them for extended periods (such as when you sleep). Most denture soaking products come in the form of tablets that you can simply add to warm water. This will create a fizzy solution that will help cleanse and protect your new teeth while you sleep.

Soaking precautions: If you have dentures with metal attachments, be sure to avoid soaking products that contain chlorine or bleach, which can damage the metal on your dentures.

Rinse Them Again Before Wearing

Now that your dentures have been rinsed, brushed, and soaked – it’s probably time to put them back in your mouth. Before you do so, rinse them again. Denture soaking products can sometimes be irritable, and can even contain chemicals that would be harmful if ingested. If you use a denture soaking product, be doubly certain that you rinse your dentures well, and never gargle or rinse with a denture cleaner as a “quick fix” cleaning solution.

Visit Your Dentist

The final step in ensuring your dentures offer you many years of comfortable and reliable service is regular visits to your dentist for professional cleaning and to double check the fit and function of your dentures. It’s at these visits where your dentist can make suggestions for better comfort while also making fine adjustments to improve fit and solve major problems before they develop.

See your dentist right away if your dentures become loose. Poor fitting denture can cause irritation and lead to sores and infections.

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