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Common Root Canal Concerns (and whether or not they should be concerns at all!)

Sometimes, it seems like we’re a broken record, but it can’t be said enough: it’s time everyone started looking at root canals like the good thing they are.

With that said, many patients continue to have concerns when it comes to root canal treatment, how it’s accomplished, what it accomplishes, and how the whole process works out.

So without further ado, we will attempt to answer those concerns.

The Concern: Root Canal Treatment is Painful

The Answer:

When it comes to your teeth, if you have a deep infection causing inflammation to the dental pulp and nerves, it is going to be painful. It is this pain that so many patients associate with root canal treatment, and while the underlying infection is painful, root canal treatment is not.

On top of this, sometimes patients are mistaken when thinking about root canal treatment as painful because their only frame of references, such as older family members, or the many sayings and anecdotes they hear from day to day, like the one that gets tossed around when someone would rather “get a root canal” than do <insert mildly trivial task here>. Needless to say, the treatment’s gotten a painful reputation, when in reality it should be known as the solution to pain.

The Concern: Root Canal Treatment Causes other Sicknesses

This is yet another myth that got passed around about the often maligned root canal treatment. Some patients have come across misleading information that claims that a tooth that received root canal treatment could contribute to other illnesses throughout your body. Fortunately, the information that caused this information was based on poor science from over a century ago. Root canals have, if anything, shone to be a helpful and healthful solution for repairing teeth that have seen better days.

Extracting the Tooth is a Suitable Alternative to Root Canal Treatment

Another common misconception about root canal treatment is that simply removing the offending tooth is a suitable alternative to repairing the tooth with root canal treatment. This is problematic for a couple reasons.

First of all, saving your natural teeth is always preferable. Because nothing can replace your tooth as perfectly as…well, not having to replace your tooth in the first place! Your teeth are perfect in their own way, and no composite materials will be quite as natural looking or naturally strong.  Secondly, keeping your natural tooth ensures you can continue to eat all of your favorite foods, without having to adapt your habits and your diets to help prolong the life of a dental prosthetic.

Do you have other concerns about root canal treatment? If you’re a patient in the Garden Grove area, we’re here to help. Just Contact us today to schedule an appointment or consultation. If you’re not one of our patients, feel free to read our blog and learn more about your teeth, how to care for them, and what to expect at the dentist’s office.

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