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A Look at Just How Far Dentures Have Come

Maintaining a healthy looking and natural smile is often thought of as more-important than actually having a healthy smile. Of course, this is only to be expected. Things bother us when we notice them, and more often than not, they’re too far gone when we notice that something is really wrong. Too often, this happens to your teeth.

If you’ve been putting off proper dental care, find a dentist nearby for affordable dentures might seem impossible, but this isn’t quite the case. By taking a quick look at how far denture technology has come,  you’ll be happy to know that they are far from the cumbersome last resort that they once were.

Even 20 years ago, dentures were far bulkier and more brittle than what they are today. Lighter, sleeker, more natural looking, and longer lasting – today’s modern dentures help minimize embarrassing slippage – a faux pas dentures are all too famous for.

In addition to helping solve one of the most troublesome issues with dentures, slippage, modern denture technology also enables them to appear more natural. Due to advances in the dental prosthetic field, it can even be hard to notice the difference between a natural tooth and a denture. This is partly due to the fact that the prostheses used with a dentures frequently use dental porcelain, which effectively copies the look, feel, and protective qualities of natural teeth.

To look even further into the past and consider the earliest dentures, the advances modern technology has provided are staggering. Consider George Washington’s famous dentures, for instance. While praised for their ingenuity, Washington’s dentures were likely made out of ivory (from a hippopotamus) and human teeth. Chances are, they were absolutely dreadful to wear, a testament to “beauty over comfort”. Fortunately, today’s dentures provide a stark contrast. Instead of severe pain and definite dis-figuration, modern dentures use modern imaging, design, and color matching to look natural, with massive improvements comfort and ergonomics.

In addition to traditional dentures benefiting from  the latest technology, dental implant supported dentures represent an even higher level of innovation. In fact, dental implants are often thought to represent the future of dentures as a whole, given the fact that they are a near-permanent solution. On top of this, implant supported dentures – unlike traditional dentures – are also often preferred because they do not atrophy the structure of the jaw like a denture can.

Do you have questions about dentures? For patients in the Garden Grove area, look no further! Our dental team has provided dentures in Garden Grove for patients from every dental background. From helping you decide on the best tooth replacement option to supporting you every step of the way, we’re here to help.

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