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Are Dentures as Bad as You Think? Nope

Did you know that when George Washington entered office as the first President of the United States, there was only one natural tooth left in his head?

In addition to being a former revolutionary soldier, Washington’s war buddy and dentist also happened to contribute to revolutionary advances with Washington’s teeth in the form of dentures constructed on a foundation of hippopotamus ivory and held together with gold wire springs and screws that held human teeth.

A print of John Greenwood, published by the American Journal of Dental Science in 1839. (Library of Congress courtesy photo)

A print of John Greenwood, published by the American Journal of Dental Science in 1839. (Library of Congress courtesy photo)


Washington’s dentures were particularly advanced for their time due to the way Greenwood left a space for Washington’s remaining healthy tooth, all because of his belief that a dentist should never remove a tooth unless he absolutely has to.



 A New Era for Dentures

Denture technologies pioneered by innovators like John Greenwood solidified dentures as a viable solution for years to come.  Of course, dentures didn’t stay primitive by modern standards. In fact, they continued to get better and better. This constant innovation has made today’s dentures more affordable, easier to use, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Primary among these advancements has been the over-denture.  Over-dentures attach to a few small implants, allowing them to be snapped directly into place, which makes them more functional, sturdier, and more natural-feeling than traditional dentures. On top of this, the cost involved creating a pair of natural feeling and fitting dentures can often be quite similar to implant supported dentures, like over-dentures.

While these dentures still need to be removed, cleaned, and cared for like other dentures, many patients prefer them due to the way they help with eating, chewing, speaking, and comfort.

Say Hello to Confidence

Needless to say, when it comes to dentures today versus dentures the way they used to be, your doctors are capable of quite a lot. The first step: simply asking your dentist what the possibilities are. Everyone’s teeth are unique, and that means the dentures you use to replace them should be unique as well.

If you need dentures, remember one thing: technology has proven that dentures are something you shouldn’t be afraid of.

Whether you’re looking for a full set of affordable dentures or a pair of implant supported dentures that offer you excellent comfort and functionality, your dentist can help. All you have to do is ask.


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