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5 Simple Denture Tips for Greater Confidence


Wearing dentures with confidence doesn’t have to be an impossible proposition. In fact, it should be the exact opposite.

When you make the decision to get dentures, the goal is to find affordable dentures that feel comfortable and help restore your confidence.

Naturally, that sort of adjustment isn’t always easy. So we’ve prepared a few tips.

Be confident

Whether you have dentures or not. Confidence always starts with confidence, even if it’s the smallest see. If you’ore getting dentures, just remember that. Dentures are designed to improve the way you appear, from your facial structure all the way down to your actual smile. However, they can only do their job when properly cared for, cleaned, and fixed to your mouth.

Take Care of Your Gums

At the very least, your denture provider should have the opportunity to check your gums once a year. Even without your natural teeth, your mouth is still susceptible to bacteria and infections, and your gums are still incredibly important.

Use the Right Amount of Adhesive

Outside of pro[er fit and design, using an appropriate amount of denture adhesive is the first step in ensuring your dentures stay in your mouth and refrain from slipping or sliding. A small amount of adhesive on your upper or lower denture should be all that’s required to ensure your dentures fit more securely. Then again, if you’re forced to use a large amount of denture adhesive, chances are your dentures simply don’t fit properly and should probably be looked at by your dentist.

Keep Your Dentures Clean

Sometimes, patients think that using dentures excludes them from having to brush their teeth. However, this isn’t quite the case. Using a soft toothbrush (or even an ultra-soft toothbrush) at the end of the day removes particles and bacteria from your dentures which can both stain them and “live” on your gums after you’ve put your dentures back in. On top of this, giving your dentures a nice bath in mouthwash will help eliminate this bacteria.

Give Your Mouth a Break

Don’t make wearing dentures an excuse to live uncomfortably. Part of wearing dentures is also taking the opportunity to give your mouth a break. Most dentists recommend removing your dentures for up to 8 hours a day. This can effectively allow your mouth’s soft tissues  to heal from irritation or soreness that can sometimes occur from wearing dentures all day. When you’re not wearing your dentures, store them in warm denture solution to help keep them their shape and suppleness.

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