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“Will brushing my teeth whiten them?” and other Patient Questions


If your teeth were whiter than the driven snow, like so many little chiclets carefully arranged in your mouth, there’s a good chance that you run faster, jump higher, tell better jokes, and get a better job.

Okay, maybe that’s pushing it. But it’s no surprise that people feel more confident when their teeth are white, and confidence can accomplish a whole lot.

In 2007, the “Femail” section of  the Daily Mail  published a report in that showed a greater perception of wealth, status, and success when the subject has white teeth. The study said:


  • 75%  want whiter teeth, while 25% of them don’t properly brush.
  • Survey results showed that white teeth can make you like 20% more attractive.
  • Survey respondents thought those with white teeth made, on average, $10,000 more.
  • White teeth can increase employment chances by 10%

Fortunately, whiter teeth aren’t that hard to attain.

For today’s post, we answer a couple of the most common questions about getting whiter teeth. Starting with:

“Can just brushing make my teeth whiter?”

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day helps reduce staining by eliminating the bacteria and debris that remain on your teeth and stain them over time. This cleansing helps protect the whiteness of your teeth drastically, but it likely won’t make them whiter, unless you use a toothpaste with an extra whitening agent. Typically, these toothpastes include extra abrasives and polishers that eliminate stains. This often isn’t instant though, and you should expect results to be noticeable after about 4 weeks.

“Should I do at-home whitening or in-office whitening?”

At-home teeth whitening is a favorite with many patients because it’s inexpensive, easy to use at your own convenience, and relatively successful. We say “relatively” successful for a couple reasons. For one, at-home whitening kits are often difficult to use 100% correctly. That is, some teeth get the most of it — others don’t. While this makes these kits somewhat imperfect, the result for many patients has been positive. The other reason many patients may not like at-home whitening is because they can sometimes cause sensitivity (which we discussed in tuesday’s post). At-home whitening kits can be found at many stores, and from your dentist.

In-office tooth whitening is a service we’ve offered in our family dental practice in Garden Grove for many years. Compared to at-home whitening, any variety of in-office whitening will have more complete coverage and longer lasting results. Procedures are available that use technologies ranging from advanced bleaching agents, to gels applied in a mouthpiece. While in-office whitening can be slightly more expensive than at-home whitening, the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment can often make them more cost efficient in the long run.

Would whiter teeth make you more confident? Confidence goes a long way. Fortunately, we can help. Whether it’s an at-home whitening solution or in-office treatment, whiter teeth are never far away. If you’re a patient in the Garden Grove our Fountain Valley area, contact us today to learn more.




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