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Tips and Tricks for Getting a Toddler to Brush


When you only have one set of teeth for life, it’s important that you hold on to them. This is what you should keep in mind when it comes to convincing your toddler to have good oral hygiene habits.

Apart from the obvious benefits to health and confidence, good dental habits in your children also help you save money in the long run — which can mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in dental care along the way.

For that reason, it’s important to remember that good oral habits in childhood, translate into good oral hygiene habits in adulthood. Which leads you to wonder, “how on earth do I get my toddler to brush properly?” Here are some helpful toddler training tips.

  • Keep your expectations low. If your child can hardly color in the lines, there’s a good chance she can’t completely brush hr gum lines, or the small crevices in her teeth. This is okay. Even if the technique is lacking, simply encouraging a good habit is the straightest road to whiter, brighter teeth.
  • Put the Ball in the Toddler’s Court. Their tools, their rules? Right? Is that a saying? Either way, if you take your toddler to the store so that she or he can pick their own toothbrush, you can be certain that they’ll be more exciting about putting their new “tool” to use.  While you’re at it, let your toddler choose the toothpaste too and they’ll be more excited to try the flavor.
  • Brush at the same time. Seeing is doing! Brush with your toddler and the added sense of teamwork can help ensure that your toddler is more careful and more diligent when it comes to brushing. Get in on the action, and join your toddler while he brushes his teeth. Having a little camaraderie might encourage him to take a little longer and give his teeth a more-thorough cleaning. You can also try making it a competition to see who can be more thorough.
  • Get some horsepower. Does your child seem bored by their oral hygiene routine? Or is it hard to get them to brush with any conviction? When it comes to pediatric dentistry in Garden Grove, one of the best solutions we have for stubborn toddlers is to give the child a bit of novelty. A spinning toothbrush can do just that, while also often including a song that plays until “brushing time” is over.
  • Imitation is the Highest form of Flattery. If there’s a concern that your child isn’t brushing properly, one of the most effective methods for teaching proper technique is to do it yourself! Let your toddler brush on their own in the morning, and make a point to do it yourself at night. Seeing how it’s done by an expert can encourage them to emulate it for themselves.

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