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Invisalign: Reactions and Side Effects, As Told by Patients Across the Country

When it comes to any sort of medical procedure, one of the first questions patients always ask is, “What are the side effects?”. This is natural! Whenever we get involved with something, whether it’s committing to a new business venture or to  dental braces , you want to be able to know if the “juice is worth the squeeze.” You want to know that the procedure is worth the time and possible inconvenience.


While there are a small number of inconveniences that accompany invisalign, hundreds of thousands of patients around the world have found them minor enough to resoundingly agree that the treatment was “well worth it”. Read what other patients had to say about some of the most common questions dentists and orthodontists get about Invisalign’s side effects.


“What does Invisalign feel like? Is it painful or annoying?”


Most patients agree that Invisalign retainers, while noticeable for a a short time, while gradually become harder to notice. While it gets easier and easier to wear invisalign retainers, some patients recommend avoiding the temptation to “Feel them out” with your tongue.


Take it from one patient, who said: “I notice it less every day. The first few days I had an oral fixation on it and examined the edges of the retainer constantly with my tongue — DO NOT DO THIS — just leave it alone. The tip of my tongue has become very scratched and sore. from patient Droo


“Will people notice I have invisalign?”


We are often our own worst critics when it comes to our appearances. But potential invisalign patients will be happy to know that most patients report friends and loved ones hardly notice their invisalign retainers.


“I cannot overstate the aesthetic value of having “clear braces” over a year. No one, and I mean
no one, could tell I had them on unless I mentioned it. It may be the right solution for you depending on your occupation or personal preference. [by KoolAidSm)]


“Is Invisalign Painful or Uncomfortable?”
When it comes to the intersection of beauty and pain, sometimes some patients are willing to go further than others. However, you can rest easy knowing that the pain involved with Invisalign is very minor and very temporary. While some patients report the initial pain being more uncomfortable than others, it is rare for Invisalign retainers to cause pain for more than a couple weeks. Take it from Polotab — a poster on one popular internet messageboard — who said that the pain generally goes away in a couple of days “I was regretting my decision at first.. But the pain subsides with a day or 2 and ibuprofen really helps. When I switch aligner trays after 2 weeks, I always do so in the evening with an ibuprofen, and I am fine. from patient polotab


Or consider for example the experience of Reddit  Ender66.

, who explained that while the Invisalign retainers can “definitely [be] distracting at first, every two weeks you put a new set of trays in and you slowly get more used to them as time goes on. Now, if they’ve been out of my mouth for more than an hour or so, it definitely feels like something is missing. They feel like a part of me now.”


Will Invisalign impact my voice?


Many patients worry about the impact of Invisalign on their voice, and it’s a valid concern. While some patients notice a more pronounced affect than others — a small lisp can sometimes last for a day or so when the first set of retainers is used.


“I was only affected with a lisp with my first set and only for a day or so. In my opinion, they are well worth it. by jackster212



There’s even some positive side effects! 


I can lose weight with Invisalign?

Sometimes, we even hear about Invisalign side effects that patients end up enjoying. While it’s true that Invisalign can sometimes make constant eating a bit of a hassle due to the need to remove your retainers, this has enabled some patients to kick the habit of  “unconscious eating”. Instead of grabbing for the bag of chips simply because they were “there”, many Invisalign patients think twice due to the need to remove the retainers and put them back in again. This has led to some patients who not only got straighter teeth, but a smaller waistline!


I didn’t realize how often I would eat and drink just because it was there. Now having to deal with my tray and brushing my teeth… I feel like I’ve been forced to do the Invisalign Diet! In only four months I’ve lost 8lbs! When this all over I’ll have good teeth & be super skinny. by M McEachran 


…and improve their brushing habits!


Because eating and drinking helps bacteria cling to your teeth, this makes it necessary to brush often when using Invisalign retainers, due to the potential for bad breath. As some patients report, this encourages them to  “stay honest” when it comes to their oral health, and leads to more dedicated brushing and flossing.

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