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Invisalign: One patient’s experience

When it comes to virtually any medical procedure, it’s only natural that patients want to hear a first hand account of another patient’s experience. Read on for a step-by-step of the invisalign process, with commentary by reddit user Ender66 in his “Ask me Anything” in 2015 titled, “IamA guy that just finished Invisalign. May not be the most exciting topic ever, but many people are super curious about the procedure. AMA!“. Ender66 is a 31 year old male who elected to get invisalign to straighten some misaligned teeth. .

When patients who need dental braces choose the invisalign process, it all begins with your dentist sending a set of Xrays to ensure you’re a good candidate (learn more about candidacy for Invisalign). If you’re a good candidate, multiple sets of retainers are made to gradually adjust the positioning of your teeth. Each set is used for about two weeks.

Yes, it pretty much straightens out your teeth, but there are some other steps involved, too. Of course, everyone’s teeth are different, but here is an overview of what I went through:

For Ender66, his results came back affirmative and he was able to begin his treatment in just one week.  First, the dentists take a precise mold of the teeth using a gum-gel. Throughout this process, the dentist will spread the gum-gel into the teeth to ensure that there are no gaps in the molds. This is done for the top and the bottom.

About two weeks later, you will go back to your dentist’s office to collect your first set of Invisalign trays. For some patients, this is also a time for the dentist to perform any additional preparations on the teeth. This can sometimes involve “filing” teeth to gradually reshape the tooth to make room for your future smile.  As Ender66 explains, this was “definitely the worst part.” However it’s important to remember that it’s only done a couple times, and is ultimately the only real discomfort that you’ll experience.

After this point, you will visit the dentist every two or three weeks to get new Invisalign trays, for two years. At the very end of the process, some patients also receive new harder retainers than the regular Invisalign trays. These are to be worn for as long as your dentist tells you, mainly at night, just to help ensure the process is as successful as possible.



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